December News From The IIA

IIA Launches Global Review of ‘Three Lines of Defense’
A widely used concept designating essential roles and duties in governance, risk management, and control, the Three Lines of Defense is rooted in financial services, but has come to serve a broader range of industries concerned with myriad issues around governance and risk management. The study focuses on ensuring this widely used model continues to meet needs in a changing organizational climate.
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Earn and Report Your 2018 CPE/CPD Credits
IIA-certified individuals must report credits earned in 2018 by 31 December. There’s still time to earn credits, including required Ethics CPEs. For reporting requirements, pricing information, and more, check with your local Affiliate.
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New! Tone at the Top: Budgeting the Internal Audit Function
One hallmark of a successful internal audit function is that it is properly resourced. Chief audit executives (CAEs) must ensure that internal audit resources are “appropriate, sufficient, and effectively deployed to achieve the approved plan,” according to The IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. Board and audit committee members are similarly responsible for approving the right level of resources. Yet there is no simple formula for developing an internal audit budget.
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The Role of Internal Audit in Integrated Reporting: A South African Case Study
A new case study from South Africa defines the role internal auditors should play in integrated reporting, what skills and attributes they need to effectively fulfill their role, and how their role intertwines with other players within the organization.
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Supporting Your QAIP in 2019
Did you know that there is dedicated guidance to support each Standard by addressing IA's approach, methodologies, and consideration? The IPPF Standard 1300 Series requires a CAE to develop and maintain a Quality Assurance Improvement Program (QAIP). A new practice guide covering QAIP will be released soon.
Access the 1300 implementation guidance.