Advertise on our new IIA HK Website

We have a limited number of slots on the front lower page of our IIA Hong Kong website http://theiiahk.org which we are opening up to enable you to promote your IA-related services and products to our members and contacts in Hong Kong. In addition, there are two smaller spaces for "Rotating Advertisements" at the lower left corner and lower right corner.

There will be a prominent logo, to be designed by you, on the front page of the IIA HK website which directly accesses your website giving details of the services or products. The advertisements will be set to end on the earlier of:

·        One month from the date of posting, or
·        A date as stipulated by the advertiser.

In return, we seek a nominal charge of HK$800 per month for each larger advertisement and HK$500 per month for each smaller advertisement, to cover our administrative management of the postings. The Board of Governors of IIA Hong Kong has sole discretion to refuse a particular advertisement.

We therefore encourage you to register your interest by contacting us at iiahkadminservices@theiiahk.org now!