The IIA's Specialty Audit Centers

The IIA’s Specialty Audit Centers keep you ahead of the curve on the issues that matter most to you and your stakeholders by providing cost-effective forums to network, share ideas, and get advice. In addition to the benefits of your IIA membership, Center members gain access to a vast network of resources you can’t find anywhere else, created and aggregated specifically for auditors and stakeholders, such as:

  • Exclusive Publications – With a wide range of offerings from Knowledge Briefs to Audit Focus, there is a wealth of information to meet your needs.
  • Industry Insights – Valuable information for your industry, role, or field will help you better understand the processes and nuances of your professional landscape.
  • Discover Industry News – Stay informed on trends, breaking news, and The IIA’s latest advocacy efforts. The Centers give you access to the latest information straight from the source.
  • Peer Knowledge Sharing – Share best practices and real-world solutions to become a stronger professional, more valuable to your organization.
  • Professional Development – Dedicated training resources prepare you for the unique challenges you face.
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