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Key Changes to Certification Maintenance
IIA CPE Policy Change Coming in 2023
CPE POLICY CHANGE [Effective 1 September 2023]
To continue to uphold the credibility of all IIA Certifications, also in alignment with the credentialing industry’s best practices, The IIA’s Professional Certifications Board (PCB) has approved changes to the CPE Reporting Policy.

Key changes:

  • Any surplus of CPE acquired during a calender year may be used for the following calender year reporting cycle (20 hours max for CIA and 10 hours for other IIA designations can be rolled over) 
  • Grace period increased from 1 year to 2 years.
  • A certification will be “revoked” if the holder goes 3 years without reporting CPE.
  • A certification in “revoked” status cannot be reinstated; an individual with “revoked” certifications need to retake the exams.

To ensure compliance with the upcoming changes to CPE policy, credential holders should continue to report their hours annually before the 31 December deadline.
Refer the CPE Policy Changes for 2023 for additional details and specific scenarios.

  • Report the required CPE hours each year by 31 December.
  • A certification not in active status must be reinstated by 31 December 2023. Reinstatement will no longer be available afterwards.

Visit CCMS.

Among these changes is the name of the policy itself: The “CPE Reporting Policy” will soon be known as the “Annual Certification Renewal Policy. Full versions of both the current policy and the one taking effect in 1 September 2023 are available on the CPE Policy Changes page.

The importance of annual certification renewal:
To keep pace with developing trends and the ever-changing risk landscape, it is essential for IIA certification holders to regularly enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies through continuing professional development. Certification holders renew their certifications annually and demonstrate their commitment to keeping their knowledge current and their skills sharp by reporting the continuing professional education (CPE) credit hours they earned throughout the year on an annual basis. The IIA’s commitment to continued education helps to uphold the internal audit profession’s reputation for providing assurance and insight in an objective and ethical manner which serves to benefit all certification holders, their employers, and stakeholders alike.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Reporting Process

The IIA Global Board of Directors has approved the implementation of several key changes to the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) reporting process.

Effective Jan. 1, 2012, changes to the reporting period, CPE requirements, and the reporting process will be implemented. The following  summarizes these changes.
Effective Jan. 1, 2012

Reporting Period
Reporting will now be done annually for all certified individuals. All candidates will be required to report every year versus every other year.

Reporting Date
The reporting date is changing from May 31 to Dec. 31.

Number of Hours Required for CIA
40 hours per year (if practicing)
20 hours per year (if non-practicing)
0 hours per year (if retired)

Number of CPE Hours Required for CCSA, CFSA, CGAP, CRMA
20 hours per year (if practicing)
10 hours per year (if non-practicing)
0 hours per year (if retired)

Specialty Certification CPE Requirements
25% of CPE hours earned must be in the specialty area of expertise.

Required Attestations at Time of CPE Reporting Submission
To practice in accordance with The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)
To abide by The IIA’s Code of Ethics
To not bring The IIA into disrepute
Confirming no criminal convictions since last reporting period

Failure to Report CPE
Certification status will be changed to INACTIVE. Designation can no longer be used until status is reinstated to CERTIFIED.

Reinstatement Policy
If INACTIVE greater than 12 months, the candidate will need to report 80 hours of CPE and pay a reinstatement fee of US $100 (member) or US $250 (nonmember).


You can download a ´╗┐template for CPE recording´╗┐.


Annual Certification Maintenance Fee

The Board approved the implementation of an annual certification maintenance fee. The first maintenance fee will be due in conjunction with the Dec. 31, 2013 reporting deadline. 
For candidates who live in North America or one of the 65 countries serviced directly by IIA Global (including IIA Hong Kong), the pricing that will go into effect as of as of 2013 is listed below. 
Member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $30
Non-member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $120

Specialty Certification (per designation)
Member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $20
Non-member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $120

Member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $30
Non-member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $120

Member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $20
Non-member Annual Maintenance Fee - US $170

Steps to Report

If your status is presently Inactive or Inactive (Grace Period):
Log into CCMS.
Select the “COMPLETE A FORM” link.
Search for the appropriate form based on your status.
Complete and submit the form.
If your status is presently Certified:
Log into CCMS.
Select the “COMPLETE A FORM” link.
Search for the 2015 CPE/CPD reporting form.
Complete and submit the form.

Failure of an individual to report his or her CPE or to pay the maintenance fee will result in a status change to INACTIVE. Individuals whose status remains INACTIVE for more than 12 months will fall under the previously referenced reinstatement policy (if they choose to reinstate their status).