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Get Involved

Have you thought about taking your involvement with The IIA to a new level? The Institute provides many opportunities for internal auditors to participate beyond the membership level.

Make a Difference in Your Profession

Use your personal and professional skills with The Institute of Internal Auditors by serving on an international committee. Your leadership and direction can contribute to the strategic direction of the association as well as the ongoing development of new products, services and guidance for the profession. Serving as an IIA leader can introduce you to a world of opportunities.

What Does it Take to Be a Leader?

Help Guide the Future

Guide the next generation of auditors through the Internal Auditing Education Partnership Program (IAEP). You can help to promote the profession from within.

Write Exam Questions

Write an exam question for one of The IIA's four exams, and you can earn CPE credit hours at the same time.

Develop Research Reports and Educational Products

Become an author for The IIA Research Foundation! Select from a list of topics awaiting research and educational product proposals, or submit your own topic to create, develop, and validate research.

Write an Article

If you enjoy writing, or have always dreamed about becoming a writer, contact the staff of Internal Auditor magazine and learn more about how you can become an author.

Invest. Involve. Inspire.

The IIA has partnered with Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide in support of education and promoting high-level ethics in our future business colleagues and leaders. This partnership is helping to educate students on business issues such as entrepreneurship, ethics, integrity, corporate accountability, workplace readiness, and financial literacy.

Participate at IIA Hong Kong

If you are interested to participate at IIA Hong Kong as a guest speaker or volunteer, please contact the IIA Hong Kong President, Mr. Stephen Lee.

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