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Board Of Governors


  Ms. Helen Li
  Group Chief Auditor, Group Chief Auditor, The Bank of East Asia LimitedGrou 
  The Bank of East Asia Limited

   Mr. Gerry Schipper
   Group Head of Internal Audit, AIA Group Limited
  Immediate Past President
Mr. Stephen Lee
  Director, Sageline Limited



 Mr. Frank Yam
 Chairman & CEO, Focus Strategic Group Limited
    Mr. Stephen Anderson
  Ms. Alva Lee
  Partner, KPMG
  Ms. Jillian Lobban
  Chief Internal Auditor, Asia & Africa
 PPP         Prudential Corporation Asia
  Mr. Barry Ho
  Group Chief Internal Auditor, The Great Eagle Group
  Mr. Eric Yeung
  Partner, PwC
 Company Secretary
 Ms. Lucia Lau