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President's Message

Dear members and internal audit practitioners

Uncertainty is the new normal

It is incredible how the world has changed over the last few months!  COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation of all industries from digital product offering, services delivery and digital payments to embracing ecommerce, virtual office and robotic process automation.    In a time of unprecedented challenges, we must reflect on our agility, continuously learn fast and strengthen our capabilities to better position ourselves for survival and sustainability.   The pandemic is a vivid example of emerging risks, highly unpredictable by nature.   Despite the unparalleled uncertainties, internal auditor can play a valuable role to assess the full range of immediate risks, critically evaluate the organization's crisis management and business continuity plan, action plans to address associated risks, longer-term implications as well as continuously monitor emerging risks.      

The IIA Hong Kong

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is the globally recognized association for internal auditors, whose vision is to make internal audit professionals well recognized as indispensable to effective governance, risk management, and control.  The IIA Hong Kong’s mission is to serve as a platform of knowledge exchange, experience sharing and networking for members and the internal audit profession in Hong Kong.

The IIA Hong Kong’s Board of Governors comprises passionate advocates for internal audit industry, striving to raise the profile of our profession and professional standards in Hong Kong, with dedicated committees that focus on professional seminars, certification programs, membership matters and social events respectively.   Through the years of participation in the IIA activities and volunteering work, I’ve learnt so much and met a lot of amazing people, some become lifelong friends.   I hope you will also benefit from the IIA. 

Reimagine the future

Change is the only constant in life.   As the pace of innovation continues unabated, everything we know is redefined and knowledge acquired from years of experience might become obsolete with the blink of an eye.   Please take a moment to reimagine how you will respond in the face of constant disruption…No matter what a dynamic digital future lies ahead of us, remember there are always possibilities and opportunities. 

Stay safe and healthy.  More than ever, this is a time to collaborate and open the communication channels to share information, resources and ideas on move forward together to embrace the challenges ahead in the dynamically fast-changing environment.  

Yours sincerely

Helen Li, CIA
The Institute of Internal Auditors Hong Kong