Priority Topics

Topics Awaiting Proposals for Funding and Development

The IIA Research Foundation invites researchers throughout the world to undertake initiatives that promote thought leadership, create new knowledge, and offer innovative ideas for the internal audit profession. The IIA Research Foundation supports bothresearch projects and educational products.
Research projects focus on discovering new information about the internal audit profession using academic research methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies, literature review, and data analysis.
Educational products are designed to provide information that internal audit practitioners can use on the job. Educational products often include “how-to” information, tools, and best practices.
The Research Foundation identifies priority topics each year and posts RFPs to the website to solicit proposals. In addition, authors may also submit proposals on topics of their choice (author’s choice proposals). See below for the 2013 postings and further information.

2013 Research Project Priority Topics

  1. The Politics of Internal Auditing—Lessons Learned
  2. The Impact of an Organization’s Governance Maturity on Its Internal Audit Activity
  3. Governance of Master Data: Structured and Unstructured
  4. Do the Standards Matter? Gaps in Standards Conformance and Their Effects
  5. The Emerging Role of Internal Audit in Risk Governance
  6. The Many Roles of the CAE
  7. Ethical Behavior Auditing
  8. Responding to Significant Risk Events
  9. Using Technology to Improve Internal Audit Communications
  10. Skills for Auditing IT


New research priority topics are posted near the beginning of the first quarter each year. The 2013 proposal deadline is March 11, 2013. Topics that do not receive accepted proposals will continue to be posted throughout the year.

2013 Educational Product Priority Topics

  1. Audit Planning
  2. Corporate Fraud Case Studies: Lessons for Internal Auditors
  3. Independence and Objectivity
  4. How to Perform a Privacy Risk Assessment
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Operational Auditing
  7. Internal Audit of Fraud [Series]
  8. Continuous Auditing 
Educational product priority topics are posted on an ongoing basis. Proposals are accepted throughout the year and evaluated at least once a quarter. More information is available at The IIA Research Foundation Bookstore.

Author’s Choice Proposals

Authors and researchers may also submit proposals on topics that are not directly related to the posted RFPs. Research projects should follow the research project submission guidelines, and educational products should follow the educational product submission guidelines. For more information, contact The Research Foundation at
These proposals will be evaluated at least once a quarter. The number of projects selected for funding will depend on the quality and number of proposals received and the amount of funds requested and available.


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