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Research and Educational Products


About the Internal Audit Foundation

IAF 2019 Year In ReviewMission

To provide internal audit professionals and their stakeholders with insight on emerging topics, relevant research, and pertinent materials that promote and advance the value of the internal audit profession globally.


The Internal Audit Foundation is an essential global resource for advancing the internal audit profession.

  • Goal #1: Produce Pertinent Materials
    Produce practical resources that address the needs of internal auditors and a broad range of global stakeholders.
  • Goal #2: Provide Knowledge & Innovative Insight
    Provide timely knowledge and innovative insights that enhance the profession’s value.
  • Goal #3: Financial Sustainability
    Deploy financial and business models that are sustainable for the Foundation.

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Latest Research and Educational Products

As a vital cornerstone of the Internal Audit Foundation, research remains an essential element of our offerings since our inception in 1976. The Foundation has delivered more than 250 research reports covering the full spectrum of issues facing the profession. The most recent reports are featured here and hard copies and/or downloads are available through the IIA Bookstore.

Permission to Reprint or Translate

If you would like to translate a publication into a foreign language or redistribute it, please email to obtain permission. All materials published by The IIA and the Foundation are protected under U.S. copyright laws.