GAIN Benchmarking

Please review the information and instructions below to prepare for taking the survey.

What Do You GAIN From the Annual Benchmarking Study?

Want to know how your internal audit department measures up? The GAIN Annual Benchmarking Study allows you to benchmark your internal audit department easily, affordably, and transparently. It lets you compare your audit department's size, experience, and other metrics against the averages of similar organizations in peer groups that YOU choose. Metrics include:

  • Organizational statistics.
  • Department staffing and costs.
  • Oversight including audit committee information.
  • Operational measures including audit lifecycles.
  • Performance measures.
  • Risk assessment and audit planning information.


No matter what your benchmarking needs are, the GAIN Annual Benchmarking Study has you covered. With participants in 17 industries, more than 100 sub-industries, and 42 countries, the GAIN Annual Benchmarking Study will help you unlock real answers to organizational questions.

The study is complimentary to members of the Audit Executive Center

Accessing the System

The GAIN Annual Benchmarking Study is housed in a separate web-based environment. By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to log into the system to access the current benchmarking questionnaire. If you have not previously created a profile/account within the GAIN system, you will be prompted to do so.

Log into the GAIN Annual Benchmarking System

GAIN Questionnaire Completion and Reporting

The GAIN Annual Benchmarking Study takes time, planning, and commitment. We suggest that you print the following two documents to help you in completing the questionnaire and using the system:

General Instructions for Using the GAIN Annual Benchmarking System
Preparation Guide for Completing the GAIN Questionnaire

Once you access and complete the questionnaire, your data will be submitted and validated. From your answers and those of your data group, a unique report that reflects your organization will be generated. There are multiple reports available. Please review the GAIN Organizational Pricing document for details.

GAIN Organizational Pricing
Sample GAIN Annual Benchmarking Survey Report
2013 GAIN Questionnaire

A variety of industries and sub-industries are represented within GAIN. The participating industries are outlined below.

Detailed List of Industries and Sub-industries

Participating Industries​
Aerospace and defense​ ​Healthcare
Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries​​ Manufacturing​
Chemical and drug​ Real estate​
Communications and telecommunications Services​
Engineering and construction​​ Technology​
Education​ Transportation​
Energy, oil, gas, and mining Utilities​
Financial services, banking, and insurance​ Wholesale/Retail​

Service Provider Use of GAIN Data

The GAIN benchmarking program is a significant opportunity for organizations to maintain or develop their competitive edge in the marketplace. We also urge service providers to encourage their clients to participate in the GAIN program. Find out more about service provider use of GAIN data.