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Chief Audit Executive Resources

CAEs, also referred to as Heads of Internal Audit or Chief Internal Auditors, may access special resources designed specifically for their needs. Below are links to CAE services offered by IIA Inc. and IIA Institutes around the world.

IIA Australia

Being a chief audit executive in today's heavily scrutinised business environment means delivering on expectations. IIA Australia has launched a dedicated CAE Services Program to give you the tools to respond to today's business challenges, demands, and opportunities and stay on top of your game. This is an exclusive service and forum provided for Australian chief audit executives and is one of the Institute’s premier programs.

IIA Inc.

The IIA's Audit Executive Center is the essential resource to empower chief audit executives to be more successful. The Center's suite of information, products, and services will enable you to respond to the unique challenges and emerging risks of the profession. In addition to the Audit Executive Center, IIA Inc.'s Vision University provides insight, guidance, and an improved knowledge of how to strengthen your audit team to meet today's challenges and inspire peak performance. TheTone at the Top newsletter provides executive management, boards of directors, and audit committees with concise, leading-edge information on such issues as risk, internal control, governance, ethics, and the changing role of internal auditing; and guidance relative to their roles in, and responsibilities for the internal audit process. IIA Inc.'s flagship event, the ​General Audit Management (GAM) Conference, is the industry’s most talked about internal audit training and networking event of the year.​

IIA UK & Ireland

Heads of Internal Audit Service is the premier networking community for heads of internal audit in the UK and IrelandThe IIA recognises that heads of internal audit need specialist information and support to help them to meet and exceed the expectations of a competitive and increasingly regulated business climate. This complete, exclusive service will keep you at the forefront of the profession, providing you with the resources, information, contacts and opportunities you need to be the best you can be.

IIA Spain

IIA Spain offers Premium Services with a high added value, providing CAEs unlimited access to strategic information, benchmark and networking opportunities with their peers and their inclusion in a wide international network. For further information, contact