Responses to Regulators

View The IIA's responses to exposure drafts and requests for comment from other organizations.


​Date ​Organization ​Response
​21-June-2013 ​Basel Committee ​Response to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Consultative Document – "External audits of banks"
​3-June-2013 ​U.S. Congress "​The Unintended Consequences of Dodd-Frank’s Conflict Minerals Provision"
​30-April-2013 ​IFAC Exposure Drafts ED 2 & 3, Conceptual Framework for Public Sector Entities
​12-April-2013 ​Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors Consultation Document: Effective Internal Audit in the Financial Services Sector ("the Consultation Document")
​28-March-2013 ​NASDAQ NASDAQ Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change to Require That Listed Companies Have an Internal Audit Function
​25-March-2013 ​FFIEC Social Media: Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance
​​14-March-2013 ​​IFAC ​Response to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) Exposure Draft - "The Auditor's Responsibilities Relating to Other Information in Documents Containing or Accompanying Audited Financial Statements and the Auditor's Report Thereon"
15-Feb-2013 INTOSAI ​ISSAI 100 – 400: Fundamental Principles of Public Sector, Financial, Performance and Compliance Auditing - Cover Letter and Comments


Date​ ​Organization ​Response
​28-Dec-2012 ​ISACA ​Response to the Information Systems Assurance and Control Association (ISACA) - Invitation to Comment (ITC) -"IT Audit and Assurance Standards"
​15-Dec-2012 ​IESBA ​Response to the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) Exposure Draft, Responding to a Suspected Illegal Act
​4-Dec-2012 ​COSO ​COSO Internal Control - Integrated Framework - Internal Control Over External Financial Reporting: A Compendium of Approaches and Examples (ICEFR), September 2012
​8-Oct-2012 ​IAASB ​Response to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) - Invitation to Comment (ITC) - "Improving the Auditor's Report" - Cover Letter and Appendix A
26-July-2012​ U.S. Congress​ IIA Statement to House Committee on Financial Services
25-May-2012​​ IFAC​​ Response to the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) – Exposure Draft, Proposed Change to the Definition of "Engagement Team"
31-Mar-2012​ COSO COSO Draft Update of Internal Control – Integrated Framework - Comment Letter​
2-Mar-2012​ ​Basel Committee ​Base Internal Audit Function in Banks - Comment Letter
29-Feb-2012​​ PCAOB​​ PCAOB Communications with Audit Committees​ -Comment Letter
​29-Feb-2012 ​IFAC​​ ​IFAC Evaluating and Improving Internal Control - Comment Letter and Appendix A​
​​15-Feb-2012 ICGFM ICGFM’s comments on IPSASB Exposure Draft No. 46,Reporting on the Long-Term Sustainability of a Public Sector Entity’s Finances


Date​ ​Organization ​Response
14-Dec-2011​ ​IIRC ​Response to the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC) – “Discussion Paper on Towards Integrated Reporting – Communicating Value in the 21st Century” - Cover Letter and Appendix A
14-Dec-2011​ ​PCAOB Response to the Public Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) – “Concept Release on Auditor Independence and Audit Firm Rotation” - Cover Letter and Appendix A and B
30-Sep-2011​ PCAOB​ Response to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) - Concept Release on Possible Revisions to PCAOB Standards Related to Reports on Audited Financial Statements and Related amendments to PCAOB Standards (Ref Docket matter No.34)​ - Cover Letter andAttachment A
16-Sep-2011 ​IAASB Response to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) - "Enhancing the Value of Auditor Reporting: Exploring Options for Change"​ - Cover Letter andAttachment A
22-July-2011​ EU​ Response to the Green Paper "The EU Corporate Governance Framework"​ - Cover Letter and Attachment A
4-April-2011​ IAASB​ Proposed Strategy and Work Program for 2012-2014



Date​ Organization ​Response
17-Dec-2010​ SEC​ Proposed Rules for Implementing the Whistleblower Provisions of Section 21F of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (File Number S7-33-10)
8-Dec-2010​ European Union​ Response to the Green Paper "Audit Policy: Lessons from the Crisis"​
18-Nov-2010​ Government Auditing Standards​ Government Auditing Standards - 2010 Exposure Draft​
12-Nov-2010​ ISA​ Richard Chambers cover letter on Proposed Revisions to ISAs 315 and 610​
7-Sept-2010​ PCAOB​ Docket 028: Proposed Auditing Standard Related to Confirmation and Related Amendments to PCAOB Standards​
13-July-2010​ International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)​ 2010-2012 proposed business strategy and work plan of the Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee ​
15-June-2010​ International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)​ 2010-2012 proposed strategy and work plan of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA)
4-June-2010​ Basel Committee​ Consultative Document - Principles for Enhancing Corporate Governance issued by Basel Committee on Banking Supervision​
27-May-2010​ PCAOB​ PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No. 030, Proposed Auditing Standard Related to Communications With Audit Committees and Related Amendments to Certain PCAOB Auditing Standards - Cover Letter and Attachment A
3-May-2010​ ISACA​ Monitoring of Internal Controls and IT​
27-April-2010​​​ India Ministry of Corporate Affairs​​ Corporate Governance Voluntary Guidelines 2009 - Appointment of the Internal Auditor
15-April-2010​ INTOSAI​ ISSAI 40 - Quality Control for SAIs - Cover Letter andAttachment A
15-April-2010​ INTOSAI​ ISSAI 3100 - Performance Auditing Standards - Cover Letterand Attachment A
25-Feb-2010​ Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants​ Practice Guide Note No. 2​
18-Feb-2010​ PCAOB​ PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No. 026: Proposed Auditing Standards Related to the Auditor’s Assessment of and Response to Risk