Quality Assessment

 The International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards)1300 series require a Chief Audit Executive (CAE) to develop and maintain a quality assurance and improvement program. The Standards require every internal audit activity to undergo an external quality assessment conducted by a qualified, independent assessor or assessment team at least once every five years to conform with Standard 1312. The five-year period starts when an internal audit activity formally adopts the Standards.

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The Quality Assessment Manual, published by The IIA Research Foundation, is the principal guidance and set of practical tools to assess conformity to the Standards, and, equally important, to reveal opportunities for enhancing the effectiveness and value of internal audit activities. To purchase the Quality Assessment Manual, please visit The IIA Research Foundation Bookstore.

As the internal audit profession’s acknowledged global leader, The IIA is committed to quality and strengthening of the internal audit activity  through guidance, methodology and resources to support conformance with the Standards.

Many IIA Institutes around the world offer support for internal and external quality assessments, leading practices, and the development of a Quality Assurance and Improvement Programs. If your organization is interested to learn more about external quality assessment services offered by The IIA’s Institutes around the world, please contactinstitute.relations@theiia.org for more information.‚Äč